Monday, June 27

How can we help our children to learn about sharing?

This post was carefully selected by me, and is delivered to you via WILF Books, a sharing­based,
children’s book delivery service.

Sharing is a super vital life skill, isn’t it? It teaches us how to cooperate with one another in our
everyday lives. It teaches us about compromise, that if we give just a little to others, we can also get
a little of what what we'd like too. It teaches us about negotiation, and how to cope with
disappointment. It’s a fundamental human value that makes us who we are.
We all recognise its importance, but how can we help our children to learn about sharing?
Well, first and foremost, we think it starts with you. Monkey see, monkey do. Children learn so much
just from watching what their parents do. You’re their role model, and when you model good sharing
and *taking turns* in your family, it gives children a really great example to follow. You, as a parent,
can always facilitate and encourage sharing in every day life, and here are five simple ways through
which to do that:

● Allow them to see it in others: Recognise it when your child sees another child sharing.
There’s nothing more beautiful (and cute!) than watching children share and play nicely
together, a little bit like grown­ups do. You can say things like: ‘Woah, wasn’t your friend
sharing her toys really well, that was really lovely of her."

● Nurture it through play: It’s really fun to play little exercises with your child that involve
turn­taking, sharing and inclusive participation. Talk your child step by step through the
process of sharing, saying things like, ‘It’s your turn, then it’s my turn; you share the brown
bricks with me, and I’ll share the pink bricks with you, I’ll play with Buzz whilst you play with

● Pile on the praise: When the proud moment comes, and you see your child attempting to
take turns and share, be sure to lay on the praise, attention and all round good­will. This is
super important, and with consistent practice and positive reinforcement, will become second
nature in the minds of your little ones. For example, you could say things like "that was really
lovely the way that you let Charlie play with your helicopter, great sharing!"

● Have ‘the talk’ (not that talk!): Talk to your child about sharing before she goes on playdates
or trips with other friends. Reinforcing before, during and after playdates can really help build
their mental map for sharing. For example, you could say, ‘Rahul is almost here and you’ll
need to share some of your toys when he gets here. Let’s have a think about what he'd like
to play with, shall we?’ You can also talk to your child about sharing before all possible
interactions with other children, like nursery, pre­school or big school.

● Allow them to ‘own’ their sharing: Create an environment and culture that encourages your
child to want to share. WILF Books is develop on the value of sharing, delivering tailored and
personalised children’s books addressed specifically to your child, along with the opportunity
to share their own books with other children across the country. Take the time to sit with your
child to discuss which books they’d like to share each month, in return for new books that
they will love.

There’s sharing in every day life, and then there’s developing a sense of sharing amongst the wider
society and community. In the globalised world within which we live, it’s more important than ever to be able to share beyond our own personal boundaries and connect with those from other cultures
and backgrounds. By nurturing this connection, when a child reaches pre­school or school age
where community, creativity and play are championed and they begin to interact with people of new
cultures, they’ll be able to build more complex relationships with other children with the fundamental
foundation of fairness at the heart. Imperative in today’s world.

You can register your interest with WILF Books ahead of their upcoming launch, here.

*I have not been paid to share this post- I just love this concept and wanted to share with my lovely readers! 

Friday, June 24

Fitness Friday: An Update

Its been 3 weeks since I last wrote a Fitness Friday post- oops. I have really let my fitness plans fall by the wayside over the last few weeks, through lack of motivation and just not being bothered enough. I have managed to maintain my weight though and I am pleased with that.

I do have some plans to get back into working out over the next few weeks and I am excited that the Tone It Up team are doing a second round of the bikini plan that I was following. I really do love the way they break everything down and I am excited to follow their program again.

My top 5 Goals for the next 8 weeks are:-

1. Make time to workout- Get up 30 mins earlier or stay up an extra half hour to fit it in.

2. Make some time for myself to relax- Something I struggle to do. I love to have a nice bath with a glass of wine (or Bubbly if we have any) but I always make excuses of having other things to do or Ailsa to look after.

3. Buy mainly healthy food- We really try to eat healthily but we live across the street from a supermarket that I walk by to go into town everyday so the temptation to go in and grab a chocolate bar is quite high.

4. Have a treat- Slightly contradictory to the above but I feel if I deprive myself of sweet treats I crave them even more so although I want to eat healthily I know I need to treat myself at times, just not every day. I am also looking into recipes for healthy alternatives to my favourite sweet things.

5. Have fun and include Ailsa- I need to make sure that I don't get too bogged down in the making sure I work out and eat healthy mindset. I know that for this lifestyle to work for me I need to make it fun. Such as running around after Ailsa at the park for my cardio or doing squats with her to make her laugh. I need to get her involved too as I want to encourage a healthy mindset for her.

So those are my 5 main goals. I'd love some encouragement from you all so please feel free to tweet me or send encouraging messages to me on Facebook. You can also keep up with me on Instagram @beingmrslynch or at my fitness Instagram @azariagetsfittiu.

Tuesday, June 21

Losing My Blogging Mojo and Taking a Break

Well it has 12 days since I last wrote a blog post and truth be told I just haven't been feeling this little part of the internet for the last couple of weeks. I know most bloggers lose their mojo every so often and that it is totally normal. I have just been left so uninspired and really down about it in all honesty. I have been blogging just under a year now and have really enjoyed it thus far but I just don't know where I want this site to go from here.

Blogging for me is all about sharing my opinion and keeping a little diary of all the wonderful times I spend with James and Ailsa. I do constantly worry though that my photography is not good enough or my writing is not good enough or that I am not getting enough views etc. These things have really taken the fun out of it for me even though I know I really shouldn't compare myself to anyone else as we all have our own set of skills and we are all learning by doing.

These past couple of weeks I decided to take a complete break from blogging. I hardly spent any time on the computer and just focused on myself and my family and it has just been wonderful (apart from a sickness bug but that's a whole other story). I have come to realise during my break that I do miss sitting at the computer and typing out a post but that I need to do it when I can without pressure. Ailsa only has one nap a day now and I need to spend time with her so blogging needs to take a backseat at those times and that is OK. No one is forcing me to sit and write and I need to stop putting that pressure on myself and taking the fun out of it. Of course I would love for Being Mrs Lynch to grow but at the moment I need to just enjoy it and let it grow naturally and trust that my skills will improve over time too. No one starts off as an expert and that is ok.

So I am back to blogging, I am hoping that my ideas will start flowing soon. Sometimes you just need to put pen to paper (in this case finger to keyboard) and get to work. I am going to blog as and when I want for now to keep up the enjoyment but hopefully without such a long break.


Thursday, June 9

Riverford Organic Veg Box | Review

Whilst at a food festival in Wales, We stumbled across a Riverford Organic Farm stand. I got chatting with their rep and he told me all about the Riverford Organic Farm Veg Boxes. A lovely box of organic veg is sent to your door each week. There are many different types and sizes of box to suit your family needs, they can include meat, fruit and dairy as well as your standard veg. We decided to try the smallest veg box that they do, which has 6 different types of seasonal veggies, perfect for 2 adults and a tiny one who doesn't eat a huge amount. The delivery day for our area is a Wednesday and we also nominated a safe place for our box to be left in case I couldn't answer the door.

When Wednesday came around I waited in anticipation of our box, I am always excited to see what we are going to get. If you can't wait for a surprise you can check on-line from the Friday before to see what you are getting. I was putting Ailsa down for a nap when delivery was made and couldn't get to the door. I was pleased to discover our box had been placed in our secure location and was safe and well.

The Veg was well presented in this cardboard box- the box itsself is recyclable and the person who delivers your order will collect it the following week so it can be reused. It folds down flat and I kept it out the way by our front door ready to be collected the following week.

Our box consisted of New Potatoes, Carrots, Romano Peppers, Onions, Pak choi, Green Batavia Lettuce and wet Garlic. The veg was fresh and in great condition, no bruising or bad bits. The veg was dirty and needed to be washed before used but I do that anyway. From the meals we have cooked the veg had lots of yummy flavour and was a great mix of seasonal produce. The box contents lasted us the full week as we added meat and fish to our meals. 

This week we decided to get a Less Roots box which is still a small box of mixed seasonal veg but without potatoes as we wanted to give it a try and we don't eat a huge amount of potatoes normally. It is really easy to change which box you would like and it is easy to pause your delivery if you are away on holiday or if you would like to cancel. The small veg box costs £10.35 a week and the less roots box £11.15. I would definitely say for fresh organic veg delivered straight to your door it is definitely worth it. The quality is brilliant and the flexibility of the boxes is fab. We will most likely continue to get the boxes for the foreseeable future and hopefully try some new veg that otherwise would not normally be on the menu.

*Disclaimer- The Riverford Organic Farms veg boxes were purchased by myself. All opinions are my own. 


Tuesday, June 7

Baby Led Weaning | Update

You may have seen my previous posts on our Baby Led Weaning (BLW) journey last year (If not they can be found herehere and here). Ailsa has now been on solids for 8 months - I know time flies! - and having done BLW I know whole heartedly it was the right choice for us and that it is something we would do again with any future children. If you are unfamiliar with Baby Led Weaning it is when baby's, from the recommended weaning age of 6 months, completely feed themselves instead of being spoon fed. In BLW there is no spoon feeding of puree or mashed foods by the parent. Pre loaded spoons of say porridge handed to baby are fine as long as they are the one putting the spoon in their mouth. Basically you give baby food the way you would eat it, So no puree is needed and for us that meant no faffing with blenders etc or having to buy pre-made baby food.

The best things we have found with BLW is that Ailsa can eat what we eat, well at least the majority of what we eat (we like a lot of super spicy food). Of course we do have to be careful and not add extra salt to our foods but it has just been so easy. We all eat together for breakfast and dinner and Ailsa and I eat our lunch together through the week. I have never had to worry about my dinner getting cold whilst feeding Ailsa as she does it all herself. We have found that overall our diet has improved greatly as we add in lots of extra veg to our meals and have cut back on using salty sauces. If we do end up having a curry we will normally just take out Ailsa's portion of the meat and veg before adding in our spicy sauce or we will cook up some extra broccoli or other veg to bulk out her meal and it takes no extra time at all.

A typical day's meals tend to be:-

Breakfast- Porridge and fruit or Toast topped with Avocado, Hummus or Ella's kitchen Prunes prunes prunes when she is a bit constipated (works just like jam would). We overcook Ailsa's porridge slightly so that it can be rolled into hand sized balls that she can pick up and pop in her mouth to munch on.

Lunch- Salad bits- so Tomato, Cucumber, Avocado, a little bit of ham or chicken or sometimes a sandwhich or wrap.

Dinner- Chicken and Veg or Pasta- Ailsa's favourites are Broccoli, Carrot and Sweet Potato.

Snacks- Childrens Rice cakes or Breadsticks, Fruit and yoghurt or Pepper sticks.

We also do give Pizza if we are having it (normally home made or Create your own from Sainsbury) and if we are out maybe a few chips, a bit of a burger or a little ice cream or chocolate if we have desert. As we do try to give lots of varied food and lots of fruit and veg, we don't see the harm in giving "naughty" food every so often. As with our own diet we like to think that everything is OK in moderation. We have an overall very healthy diet so having a little bit of Pizza once or twice a month isn't going to be doing much harm. There are much worse things we could be giving her and I know that she 95% of the time eats very, very well.

Ailsa's development has come such a long way since we started weaning as I am sure it does for all children and it's great to see her learning new skills such as using a spoon to eat yoghurt and a fork to pick up her food. Although she still prefers to use her hands most of the time she is getting the hang of using cutlery and sometimes we will sit on the floor together and share from the same bowl so she can copy what I am doing which she loves. Ailsa is also very good at telling us when she is all done with her food thanks to her baby sign class or is she would like some more.

Overall Baby Led Weaning has worked fabulously for us and although I know it wouldn't always work for every baby I definitely think it is worth considering as an option and looking into it. Yes it can be messy but I think that is just a part of having a baby. We have found that there isn't a food Ailsa won't try and she enjoys food with quite strong flavours such as garlic and onion. Baby Led Weaning has been a fantastic journey for us and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.


Thursday, June 2

Fitness Friday: Tone It Up Bikini Series Week 6

Week 6 is almost over, 2 more weeks to go and I am pushing myself  harder than ever.

The Mealplan

This week I haven't eaten to the meal plan but have been making healthy choices and I am happy with that. Yes I have eaten chocolate and a little ice cream at the weekend but I do believe everything in moderation and I just can't deprive myself or I start to crave it.

The Workouts

I didn't work out at the weekend as we were away but we did do lots of walking so we were active. I have stick to the Tone It Up workout schedule the rest of the week so far though and I am thoroughly enjoying working up a sweat! I do feel I need to fit in some more intense cardio though so will be adding a couple of HIIT workouts over the next few days and really amping it up next week in preparation for our trip home.

Overall Feelings

This week has gone well. I am making sure I fit in my workouts. I am feeling fab too. I have worked out I have lost around 2 Stone since Feb/March and I am really looking to keep it off and work on toning up. I just need to try and keep motivated.

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A Summer You Will Remember for a Lifetime (at budget prices!)

With the little ones long 6 week summer holidays luring just on the horizon, the recent bank holiday sunshine warming us back to life and the kids pestering you about Harry Potter World and all things Legoland you may have realised that it’s just about time to look outside and plan a summer of budget friendly summer fun.

If, like me, your purse shows the early signs of a panic attack at even the suggestion of extortionate theme parks then you need this fantastic new ebook.  Whipped together with suggestions from 101 of the best of British parenting bloggers, the ebook is bursting at the seams with activities, destinations and just general fun all put together with both a tight budget and both your and your children’s enjoyment front of mind.

Alongside 100 other bloggers my suggestion was the LOCAL ANIMAL PARK. I wrote

“It’s a great way for her to see lots of different animals that she would normally only get to see in her story books. We have found it’s great for learning what the animals look like and the noises they make and also how to be gentle with them.”

As some of you know by reading my blog, I love taking Ailsa on adventures and the local animal park offers a great day of educational adventure at non-adventurous prices.

Another of the ideas I loved was FLORA AND FAUNA HUNT by Megan at She wrote

“Create and print off a list of plants, flowers, animals, birds and insects using pictures to illustrate. Head to the countryside with your little ones and ask them to find as many on the list as possible. They’ll love the challenge and it’s a great way to get them outdoors.”

I love this idea as it ties together both the adventure and discovery elements that just scream summer and the educational value I find super important with kids at such a young age.

Let me know your favourite activity or destination from the ebook! 
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