Friday, December 2

My Favourite Christmas Traditions

Since having Ailsa I have definitely wanted to make Christmas time exciting and magical, I am sure we all want that for our children but there are definitely some traditions that I want to continue with but also new ones to start with her. Things that we can do every year as a family, and also include our extended family when they are around too.

Christmas Eve Boxes
I was always allowed to open one small present on Christmas Eve and James continued that for me once we became a couple, normally something small and silly like a book or a pair of festive socks. This year I am doing a big family Christmas Eve hamper full of things to enjoy throughout the day, things to eat and drink, activities to keep up occupy us and a special christmas book and movie. I am going to be doing a separate post on it soon so keep an eye out.

Buying a Special Ornament
Since James and I moved into our current house 2 years ago we started to buy a few special tree ornaments each Christmas from a shop in Bath called December 25th, it is open all year round though we only head in November/December and we pick a few new pieces to add to the tree. Last year we had a lovely hand print one done by Ailsa for her first Christmas and will do that with any other little ones we have.

Drinking Mulled Wine
I adore mulled wine and love nothing more than wandering around the Christmas Markets with a cup or on Christmas Eve,  chilling in front of the TV with a glass. It is one of my favourite things about Christmas.

Visiting the Christmas Markets
Each year we head into Bath to visit the Christmas Market which is just fab for buying local artisan produce such as cheese, chocolate and alcohol along with locally made crafts. We normally get into Edinburgh between Christmas and New Year for that Market but since we aren't heading back to Scotland for Christmas this year we will unfortunately miss it.

Eating Lots of Yummy Food
It wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't indulge ourselves in lots of yummy food. Cheese and sweet treats are often the favourite. My sister-in-law and I have been planning our Christmas break feasts for this year and Cheese comes top of the menu everytime. I think we will have a cheese board out most nights for our 2 weeks away. We usually have 5 courses on Christmas day and I am thoroughly looking forward to indulging!


Wednesday, November 30

10 Things I Love About Christmas

Christmas is such an exciting time of year and I absolutely love it! So today I wanted to share exactly what I love about it.

 Christmas music- especially the old classics
 Christmas coffee- You cannot beat a Starbucks RedCup
 Spending time with family
 Hot Chocolate by a fire
Christmas Movies- Jingle all the way is my favourite
The festive spirit is out in force and everyone is happier
 Mulled Wine- Yummy!
 Christmas Markets- We love the Bath Christmas Market
 Giving Gifts- I love to give and see people open their gifts
 Getting Gifts- as much as I love giving, it's nice to get a little something for yourself 

Monday, November 28

Top 4 Posts of 2016

In a little round up of the year I thought I would share my top 4 blog posts of the year. 2016 has been such an exciting year for me and this little blog of mine and I have big ideas for 2017 to bring you all more content and branching out more into the world of YouTube. So onto my top 4 blog posts of the year.

Sticking To A Food Budget- Top Tips

A Letter: To My Friend Who Is A New Mum

Extended Breastfeeding: Why My Opinion Has Changed

My Next Baby Might Be My Last- My Feelings


Friday, November 25

Cybex Priam- Blogger Brunch

A couple of weeks ago Ailsa and I were invited by Cybex to go along to an event for the Birds of Paradise fashion collection for their Priam, at the gorgeous Eat Sleep Love baby boutique in London. I was very excited to see the range after hearing such great things and very excited to meet some fellow bloggers for the first time. So off Ailsa and I popped to London on the train, I took Ailsa in the baby carrier so that I could easily get around although by the end of the day my back was not thanking me for it. Ailsa was really well behaved for the journey and we managed two trains and 2 tubes there with no grumpiness from her at all!

Once we were there and had a refreshment we were given a demo of the Priam. The Priam itself is really stylish available with either a Chrome or Black Frame, the overall look of the Priam is very sophisticated. I just loved the one handed fold and the fact that you can use the Priam on the two back wheels, meaning you can easily bump it up a stair or two or move it around easier in smaller spaces of say a coffee shop or restaurant. The handle also adjusts to different heights which is perfect if the Priam will be used by people of varying heights. The handle also goes all the way down which is great for saving space if your out and about for a coffee.

 The Cybex Priam comes with 2 seat options, the 2-in-1 light seat which can go from a carry cot for newborn to 6 months and then into a bucket seat for 6 months plus. There is also the Lux seat which is one seat unit but is suitable from birth as it lies completely flat. They are both lovely options so it really is just a personal preference as to which one you prefer. I really like the Lux seat as it is quite padded but I am a carry cot lover for tiny babies so I have no idea how I would choose between them at all. Both seat units go up to 17kg so will generally last till you no longer require a pram. Another amazing thing about the Cybex Priam is that the seats sit at table height so can be used as a highchair in cafes and restaurants if needed.

Other lovely features of the Priam include a spacious and expandable basket underneath, perfect for shopping or any baby bits you need to take with you. Car seat adapters are included to make the Priam the perfect travel system and the Priam is super lightweight and easily manoeuvred using one hand which I love as I am such a weakling and even struggle to move a small trolley around a supermarket. The Priam also has an extendable sun canopy with UVP50+ sun protection.

The Birds of Paradise fashion collection is just absolutely stunning. The attention to detail is second to none, with gorgeous brightly coloured embroidered birds over the Lux seat, on the hood, the back of the seat and on the footrest. I love how there are parts of the design which really stand out but then there are some areas with subtle details which really a make a difference to the overall appearance to the design.

I am honestly just in love with the Cybex Priam and will definitely be considering it when we have another little one. Ailsa and I had such a brilliant day and I would just like to thank everyone who made us feel so welcome, It was so lovely to meet some new friends and Ailsa had such a blast playing with the other little ones.

PRIAM Frame, £510
PRIAM Lux Seat, £390
PRIAM Cloud Q, £260
PRIAM Carrycot, £320
PRIAM Skis, £60


Wednesday, November 23

Christmas Gift Guide for Him

1.STM Bags "Velocity Haven" Backpack for 15-Inch - Black

Much like the STM Grace bag in my For Her Gift Guide, The STM Velocity Haven bag is perfect for a man on the go. Perfect for carrying around all the essentials for a commuter or student, with enough space for a Laptop or Tablet and anything else that is needed.

2.Simoniz Car Cleaning Collection- Halfords

For the car enthusiast the Simoniz Car Cleaning Collection is perfect for someone who likes to keep their vehicle spotless. I know that this would be perfect for my father-in-law who loves nothing more than washing his car on a Saturday afternoon. James had a try of the products over the weekend and reliably told me that they are really great and got the job done, much better than the products he normally uses and made light work of a tough job.

3.Home Brew Online Starter Equipment - With Bottles

Has a man in your life ever expressed an interest in brewing their own beer? This is something that my Husband thoroughly enjoys doing and highly recommends this Home Brewing Starter Kit. It is great to start off and learn about the home brewing process and having all the equipment needed to begin with.

4.Blaze Gear Sega Master System LCD Handheld Small Box Version - Features 30 Master System and Game Gear Games

My hubby loves gaming, not that he get's much time to do it these days. So this little handheld retro gaming system would be the perfect gift for a man on the move, I know James would love this for his lunch break at work or in the evenings when I am watching something on TV rather than sitting on his phone all evening. 

5.Racing In The Blood: The Seduction of Speed: Volume 1

Racing In The Blood, is the perfect book for a man who likes to read. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, all about 2 men born into different classes and living through the 1920's and 30's at the start of the motor age. I won't give too much away but the story had me gripped and I struggled to put it down. This is definitely the perfect book for a book lover.

* We were sent a couple of these products to review for purposes of this guide but all opinions are our own. Contains affiliate links

Monday, November 21

Ailsa at 20 Months

I can't believe that Ailsa is now 20 months old. She is growing up far too fast and she is really showing off her cheeky personality. She is talking loads now and although she's not making sentences yet, you just can't shut her up. It's such a fantastic age for all the new skills that are coming out but I am not enjoying the tantrums. Especially the ones happening in public, but I think we all have to deal with it at some point or another. She is finally getting into 9-12 month clothing, at her last weigh in at 19 months she was still only a teensy 18lb 3oz and on the 2nd centile. I think she is just going to be small like me.

Ailsa has such a huge list of word that she can say now, Far too many to put in here but her favourites are definitely "No" and "Amals"(animals). She is so vocal and constantly trying out new words, copying James and I and sometimes Peppa Pig. She is really good at identifying different animals or foods especially fruits. I never imagined how much she would actually be able to say at this age but she seems to be determined to learn to speak. We still go to Sign class which is now a toddler class and she still signs quite a bit which is helpful when we can't quiet make out the word she is trying to use.

She is such a confident walker and climber now, constantly trying to climb all over our chair or sofa and sometimes up onto her little chair and table. We are thinking she might benefit from a gymnastics type class so we are going to look into that in the new year. I am hoping it can be something for James and Ailsa to do together as their thing as I think it is really important for Ailsa to have a good amount of one on one time with her Dad too. She has become really attached recently to her doll, Baby has to come everywhere with us, she even came with us on Ailsa's first trip to London!

Ailsa is really loving Animals at the moment. We took her to Bristol Zoo back in October and she was just in absolute awe of all the animals she came across especially the Lions and lately we have had to watch the 3 Madagascar movies on repeat for a good couple of weeks. She is just loving them loads and tries to copy Alex the Lions hand actions it is just far too cute. We also get some awesome dancing from her when 'I like to move it move it' comes on. We have sent so many videos of her dancing to the family they must be getting a bit sick of it now.

Her favourite food at the moment is raisins and she is finally starting to drink cow's milk. I am still breastfeeding her but hoping to cut down to only 3ish feeds a day over Christmas whilst there are 4 of us to distract her throughout the day with the aim to cut down to 1-2 feeds a day by the time she is 2. As much as I love breastfeeding her and her getting a lot of comfort from it I feel it is time to start thinking about weaning but I would definitely like it to be a gradual decline over months if need be so it can be a gentle transition for her. I am sure I will blog or even vlog about it in the coming months.


Friday, November 18

*GIVEAWAY* £100 PrinterPix Gift Voucher

I am a big fan of PrinterPix and they kindly sent me a £100 gift voucher. I have decided to give it away to one of my lovely readers. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to enter via the Rafflecopter below. The Giveaway will be open till 11:59pm on the 9th of December and the winner will be announced December 10th at 11am on my Facebook page. The Terms and Conditions are below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This competition will open on 18th November and will close on 9th December at 11.59pm
One winner will be selected at random
One winner will receive a £100 Printerpix Gift Voucher
No cash alternative will be offered
The winner will be announced on Being Mrs Lynch social media outlets, not the blog
The winner will have 28 days to respond to their winner’s email
This Competition is for the UK only

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