Friday, September 23

Watching Her Grow

There comes a time when you look at your child and you just have that realisation that your baby is not actually a baby anymore. I had that realisation not long ago whilst watching Ailsa climb up and down a children's slide in her grandparents garden. In that moment it was apparent that she is now a capable little girl. I could see the confidence in her face, and the determination to do it all by herself. I sat back and let her do what she needed to and I just took her in.

It's such a strange feeling seeing your child grow and develop before your eyes. All the tiny things that seem so insignificant to other people are huge to you as a parent, things like a new word or them putting something in the bin completely unprompted. The little things no one tells you about or that you expect to get excited about are the greatest achievements in the world to you.

The toddler stage was never something I thought about when I would think about the future and any children we would have, in all honesty my mind just kind of bypassed it as if it wasn't that important but of course it is. It's a trying time with tantrums and frustration from both Ailsa and myself but I think it is the best time yet. Ailsa is constantly showing off her new skills and I am always completely amazed when she comes out with a new word or does something new.  Even just her silly little facial expressions have me going all gooey from love and pride. As she is getting older her personalty is really coming through and I just love to see it. She is such a cheeky, happy and loving little soul and is really quite strong willed which I know will be a great quality later in life (not so much now when she refuses to hold hands whilst out walking).

I do miss the baby stage, being able to go out and get coffee whilst she sleeps peacefully and actually be able to have a conversation but nothing beats having a conversation, albeit mostly one sided, with Ailsa and knowing that she understands and can communicate back to me. I am so grateful that I get to spend so much time with her and that I have been privileged with the opportunity to watch her grow everyday. Nothing in the world is better than that.


Wednesday, September 21

On Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

It has been 8 years since I met James and 3 years ago today we got married. I don't talk about him too much on the blog, more a mention in passing but he is super special if a little annoying at times ;) It is crazy to think its been 3 years since we got married it's that time old saying- it feels like forever but only yesterday at the same time.

We met on my second day at University in St Andrews and he was just entering his final year and really it was love at first sight! We were pretty inseparable from that day on, well till James moved to Bath the following year for his Phd. We survived 3 years of being long distance and we finally moved in together 9 months before the wedding. We were married in a beautiful converted barn on the St Andrews coast and just had the most wonderful day. I wore a beautiful Alfred Angelo Disney collection Cinderella dress. It was just gorgeous. We were surrounded by all our friends and family and it really was just magical. I have shared some photos below.

To James, Happy Anniversary and thank you so much for putting up with me and giving me our beautiful daughter. I love you xxx


Monday, September 12

Autumn/Winter Lust List

It's that time of year where I start thinking about buying some cosy new bits and pieces for the Autumn and Winter months. I love nothing more than the change of season and getting out my boots and cosy coats. Of course there are quite a few bits I have been lusting over lately that I wanted to share. Fingers crossed our budget can stretch enough for me to buy some of these gorgeous bits and pieces.

Friday, September 9

September Challenge- Week 1

From September to December I have set myself 4 challenges. September's challenge is to stick to a cleaning schedule and so far it is not going so well...

As were in Scotland for the first 4 days of the month, I couldn't really get stuck in and since we got back I have been trying to get onto of the aftermath of being on holiday. Unpacking, getting washing done and trying to get some general order into the house. James and I have also been suffering with a lack of motivation from homesickness that we always have after coming back down. 

I am hoping to change our mindsets over the weekend though and really get stuck in to catch up on what needs to be done. We find it so easy to let the housework pile up on top of us and the idea of the schedule is to keep us (mainly me) in check and so that I can track what needs to be done each day more easily. 

Hopfully next week works out better for us! 

Wednesday, September 7

A week in Scotland

If you follow me on Social Media, then you will have seen that we spent last week back home in Scotland. We headed back to celebrate James friends 30th birthday and he was so surprised to see us and his wife and I had been doing a bit of planning that he didn't know about. We got to spend some quality time with them and had so much fun. I also got to spend  some quality time with my best friends. It is so hard being so far away from them especially when we are all going through huge life changes, sometimes phone calls, text and Skype don't quite cut it. I also had a child free night out which hasn't happened in such a long time and several bottles of Prossecco were consumed... I may have been slightly worse for wear the next day.

Our days in Scotland were filled with lots of fun and laughter and it certainly makes up for our last trip which had all 3 of us come down with a stomach bug. We spent time at soft play which was actually really good as the Scottish Schools had gone back so was really quiet. Ailsa had great fun running around- I think us adults had the most fun though. The weather was gorgeous, so we spent a lot of time in the garden, Ailsa really showed us just how much she is growing up as she was so independent whilst climbing up and down her little slide.

We took a trip to St Andrews, Where both James and I went to university. The town though still the same gorgeous place has changed so much. Us along with James' Mum and Dad enjoyed a coffee and cake in a lovely little restaurant and then went for a walk around the Cathedral ruins which is just next to the beach. I love taking little trips back there and it never seems quite long enough each time we go. I would love to do an overnight stay next year- maybe that can be a little date treat for James and I.

We finished up the week with me having my night out. It was just like old times with the girls and it's funny being around people who know you so well and know just how to make you laugh or wind you up as the girls normally do. Being the friend who moved so far away does leave you with a bit of guilt, not being able to be there for the celebrations or the tough times but I hope that I can have at least one night just us girls each time we head back to Scotland now that Ailsa is more an age that I feel comfortable leaving her for a night.

We spent such a lovely week back in Scotland, and spent some good quality time with our family, my favourite memory of the week was us all sitting around the patio table having a big fry up on our last day before we left to come home it's not very often we get the chance to all sit around one big table and it's even rarer when we can sit outside but it was just so lovely and peaceful. I am looking forward to us all being together again this Christmas and I am sure we will have many more laughs then.


Wednesday, August 31

September Challenge- Cleaning Schedule

As I said in my post on setting myself a challenge I have decided that for the next 4 months to challenge myself to stick with a goal throughout the whole month. For the month of September I have decided that I want to stick to a cleaning schedule. We have a large 3 bedroom house and keeping on top of the housework can be quite difficult. Most days I struggle to know where to start so I hope that by having a set schedule and routine I can become more efficient and know what I need to do and when.

I have categorised by room as I find it easier to do a room at a time and do it from start to finish although I do like to dust and hoover the whole house in one go- the living room and kitchen tend to be hoovered most days with a messy toddler around. I also have set jobs for each day that will help make things easier for us and I am hoping will eventually become habit. I have included my new cleaning schedule below so you can see what I am planning to do each day. I will also be updating the blog every Friday with an update on how I am getting on and will also be updating my Instagram and Twitter using #BMLmonthlychallenge follow me to find out how I am getting on.


Wednesday, August 24

Starting a Gratitude Journal

Lately I have been feeling a bit down and at times a bit lost. In all honesty I struggle with not going out to work and although I loved being home with Ailsa and I still do I miss the routine that having a job brings but also earning money to help support our family. Although I don't plan on going back to work anytime soon (nursery costs are just far too high for us) I do feel like I need a bit of direction at home and most of the time I do just look for the bad rather than the good. After a chat with my fabulous sister-in-law, I decided to start a gratitude journal. Something I could write down the things I am grateful for that day no matter how small they are.

It's only been a couple of days but I am already feeling a bit more positive so hopefully it will continue to grow as I fill up my little notebook. It's something I would definitely recommend doing if you are feeling a bit down or need a change in mindset in order to focus on the positive. You don't need much to start, a little notebook and a pen and off you go. I am planning to go a lot more in depth once I have a month or two under my belt and hopefully this will be something I can continue for years to come.
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