Wednesday, July 20

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

With wedding season in full swing I know just how difficult it can be to find the perfect outfit. I have been struggling for weeks trying to find something to wear for an upcoming wedding and I have finally found the perfect outfit. Through my searches online I came across some gorgeous dresses from the Lipsy sale and I have put some of my favourites below for some inspiration. I know I will be coming back to these for the next wedding we head to.

Via LovetheSales

Monday, July 18

Ailsa at 16 Months

Wow the past 16 Months have gone in a blink of an eye. I haven't written an Ailsa update since her birthday and she has changed so much in the last 4 months. Still a dinky little thing in 6-9 month clothing Ailsa hasn't grown much in size but her independence and confidence certainly have. Ailsa certainly can understand most of what we say now as she reacts to our questions and requests but she certainly knows her own mind and will tell us "no" and shake her head if she doesn't want to do something.

 Ailsa has certainly come on with her speech and her signing over the last few months. She can do over 20 signs now, mostly animal and food based but it makes such a difference when we are trying to decipher what she is saying. Her favourite words and signs are Duck (her favourite animal ever!), Pig, More and Biscuit- we use Biscuit for most snacky foods. Ailsa started walking at 14 months after 4 months of cruising aorund the furnature or holding onto our hands. She is so confident on her feet now and will quite happily climb on and off furniture and up the stairs.

Ailsa has really come on with her eating lately. I really think that Baby Led Weaning has gotten her to a stage where she is quite happy to eat what she is given and eat without any help from us. We are still breastfeeding which I am happy to carry on with till Ailsa is ready to wean. We are currently working on getting Ailsa into her own toddler bed after 10 Months of Co-sleeping and although we want it to be a slow and relaxed process we have made the initial move by changing her cot to a toddler bed and allowing her to sleep in there for naps when she wishes to allow her to be comfortable and feel safe in her own room.

I am really excited to see how Ailsa devolops over the next few months and I am looking forward to her speech improving and seeing her personality develop even more. She has become such a loving child and loves to give James and I kisses and cuddles and she will even blow kisses to her grandparents on Skype and we can't wait for even more developments.


Wednesday, July 13

Our Weekly Meal Plan

I love reading these types of posts for some yummy meal ideas and I thought I would share what we are eating this week, even though we are halfway through already it might give you some ideas for the future. We are trying to be good with our budget and healthy eating so we try and double batch and bulk out with lots of yummy veg.


Breakfast- Overnight Oats for Mummy and porridge for Ailsa
Lunch- Boiled egg and toast
Dinner- Spicy Mince in Lettuce wraps


Breakfast- Fruit and Yogurt
Lunch- Tuna Mayo and Avocado Sandwich
Dinner- Chicken, Veg and New Potatoes


Breakfast- Porridge and Fruit
Lunch- Chicken Salad
Dinner- Chicken Satay and Rice


Breakfast- Porridge and Fruit
Lunch- Out for a picnic- Cheese sandwich, cucumber sticks, pepper sticks and fruit
Dinner- Leftover Chicken Satay with noodles 


Breakfast- Fruit and yogurt
Lunch- Scrambled Egg Wrap
Dinner- Salmon, veg and new potatoes

What are you eating this week? 


Monday, July 11

6 Reasons Why Toddlers are Awesome

I see a lot of posts talking about toddler tantrums, the terrible two's and the sometimes endless telling off's but it's not often I see a post about why toddlers are awesome. Of course we still get tantrums here and Ailsa is often told "No"or "Don't do that" and thankfully we have't reached the terrible two's quite yet but Ailsa often does such cute things now and that is why I have put together my list of why toddlers can be awesome.

  1. They can give cuddles and kisses 
  2. They can tell you what's wrong with them
  3. They can amaze you everyday with new things
  4. They can answer questions and requests
  5. They can give you the cutest of looks and make you laugh
  6. They can finally communicate with you with words 

Is there anything else you would add to this list? 


Tuesday, July 5

When Wanting Some "Me Time" Causes Mummy Guilt

Recently James, Ailsa and I headed back up to Scotland for a long weekend to stay with family and visit friends. We had some fab things planed and best of all I was due to have an afternoon and evening of me time. No Ailsa, No hubby, Just me and my best friends from home. I was booked in to get my hair done and then meet the girls afterwards for drinks, dinner, lots of laughter and maybe a bit of dancing. It was a week before my birthday and I couldn't have been more excited. I haven't seen my friends since we were last in Scotland at Christmas and it would be our first girls night since before I became pregnant 2 years ago. However things didn't go quite to plan with all 3 of us (and eventually the rest of our immediate family) succumbing to a horrid sickness bug. I did make it to the hairdressers but it was there that the sickness hit me. The rest of the day had to be cancelled as I definitely did not want my friends to catch it and I felt like death.

Photo by KH Photograhy

Although the rest of the day I didn't need to worry about childcare, as I could hardly look after myself in my poorly state never mind Ailsa. It wasn't the kind of me time I had in mind and I am so disappointed that it turned out how it did but I also feel incredibly guilty for wanting that time off from being a mummy. Being a Mum can be so rewarding but some days are just hard and it isn't often I take any time for myself. I always make excuses to not have a bath incase I am needed and I hate to leave Ailsa with anyone no matter how much I trust them as I feel so guilty that she will miss me.

I am now still left with this feeling of needing some me time. Some time to go out and feel like the me 2 years ago where I could let my hair down and have a few cocktails or glasses of wine. I do feel so so guilty for wanting that time away from my child though and I really struggle to get past that feeling. Ailsa is my world and at times I want to be with her every second as I don't want to miss out on anything but then there are other times when she's had one too many tantrums and pushed all my buttons that I feel I need to just run out of the door and feel free, even if it is just for an hour. Being a mum is so hard and no one ever told me just how hard it would be and that Mummy guilt comes with the job.

This past weekend I had girls night in with some Mummy friends and I was able to watch a movie and have a few glasses of wine and you know what, Ailsa was quite happy spending the night with Daddy. Yes she asked for me a few times but she didn't cry and wasn't sad that I wasn't there she was just fine. I think I struggle to let go a bit and that is something I need to deal with. Next time we head to Scotland I will most definitely be having that night with my Besties and let my hair down! We all need some "Me Time" every now and again.


Monday, June 27

How can we help our children to learn about sharing?

This post was carefully selected by me, and is delivered to you via WILF Books, a sharing­based,
children’s book delivery service.

Sharing is a super vital life skill, isn’t it? It teaches us how to cooperate with one another in our
everyday lives. It teaches us about compromise, that if we give just a little to others, we can also get
a little of what what we'd like too. It teaches us about negotiation, and how to cope with
disappointment. It’s a fundamental human value that makes us who we are.
We all recognise its importance, but how can we help our children to learn about sharing?
Well, first and foremost, we think it starts with you. Monkey see, monkey do. Children learn so much
just from watching what their parents do. You’re their role model, and when you model good sharing
and *taking turns* in your family, it gives children a really great example to follow. You, as a parent,
can always facilitate and encourage sharing in every day life, and here are five simple ways through
which to do that:

● Allow them to see it in others: Recognise it when your child sees another child sharing.
There’s nothing more beautiful (and cute!) than watching children share and play nicely
together, a little bit like grown­ups do. You can say things like: ‘Woah, wasn’t your friend
sharing her toys really well, that was really lovely of her."

● Nurture it through play: It’s really fun to play little exercises with your child that involve
turn­taking, sharing and inclusive participation. Talk your child step by step through the
process of sharing, saying things like, ‘It’s your turn, then it’s my turn; you share the brown
bricks with me, and I’ll share the pink bricks with you, I’ll play with Buzz whilst you play with

● Pile on the praise: When the proud moment comes, and you see your child attempting to
take turns and share, be sure to lay on the praise, attention and all round good­will. This is
super important, and with consistent practice and positive reinforcement, will become second
nature in the minds of your little ones. For example, you could say things like "that was really
lovely the way that you let Charlie play with your helicopter, great sharing!"

● Have ‘the talk’ (not that talk!): Talk to your child about sharing before she goes on playdates
or trips with other friends. Reinforcing before, during and after playdates can really help build
their mental map for sharing. For example, you could say, ‘Rahul is almost here and you’ll
need to share some of your toys when he gets here. Let’s have a think about what he'd like
to play with, shall we?’ You can also talk to your child about sharing before all possible
interactions with other children, like nursery, pre­school or big school.

● Allow them to ‘own’ their sharing: Create an environment and culture that encourages your
child to want to share. WILF Books is develop on the value of sharing, delivering tailored and
personalised children’s books addressed specifically to your child, along with the opportunity
to share their own books with other children across the country. Take the time to sit with your
child to discuss which books they’d like to share each month, in return for new books that
they will love.

There’s sharing in every day life, and then there’s developing a sense of sharing amongst the wider
society and community. In the globalised world within which we live, it’s more important than ever to be able to share beyond our own personal boundaries and connect with those from other cultures
and backgrounds. By nurturing this connection, when a child reaches pre­school or school age
where community, creativity and play are championed and they begin to interact with people of new
cultures, they’ll be able to build more complex relationships with other children with the fundamental
foundation of fairness at the heart. Imperative in today’s world.

You can register your interest with WILF Books ahead of their upcoming launch, here.

*I have not been paid to share this post- I just love this concept and wanted to share with my lovely readers! 

Friday, June 24

Fitness Friday: An Update

Its been 3 weeks since I last wrote a Fitness Friday post- oops. I have really let my fitness plans fall by the wayside over the last few weeks, through lack of motivation and just not being bothered enough. I have managed to maintain my weight though and I am pleased with that.

I do have some plans to get back into working out over the next few weeks and I am excited that the Tone It Up team are doing a second round of the bikini plan that I was following. I really do love the way they break everything down and I am excited to follow their program again.

My top 5 Goals for the next 8 weeks are:-

1. Make time to workout- Get up 30 mins earlier or stay up an extra half hour to fit it in.

2. Make some time for myself to relax- Something I struggle to do. I love to have a nice bath with a glass of wine (or Bubbly if we have any) but I always make excuses of having other things to do or Ailsa to look after.

3. Buy mainly healthy food- We really try to eat healthily but we live across the street from a supermarket that I walk by to go into town everyday so the temptation to go in and grab a chocolate bar is quite high.

4. Have a treat- Slightly contradictory to the above but I feel if I deprive myself of sweet treats I crave them even more so although I want to eat healthily I know I need to treat myself at times, just not every day. I am also looking into recipes for healthy alternatives to my favourite sweet things.

5. Have fun and include Ailsa- I need to make sure that I don't get too bogged down in the making sure I work out and eat healthy mindset. I know that for this lifestyle to work for me I need to make it fun. Such as running around after Ailsa at the park for my cardio or doing squats with her to make her laugh. I need to get her involved too as I want to encourage a healthy mindset for her.

So those are my 5 main goals. I'd love some encouragement from you all so please feel free to tweet me or send encouraging messages to me on Facebook. You can also keep up with me on Instagram @beingmrslynch or at my fitness Instagram @azariagetsfittiu.
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