Monday, January 16

When Life Gets a Little Hectic

This year has been absolutely crazy so far and we are only halfway through January. I'm at the stage where I feel quite overwhelmed with everything and struggling to work out what needs to be done first. If you  read my last post then you will know that I have gone back to work 2 days a week till the end of February. I am quite excited by this and getting myself back out there again but it is going to tie up a couple of days of my week, Which means my blog may be a little more neglected for a couple of months.

I have some great ideas for the blog but actually getting them out recently has been hard for me. I am really struggling with writing up the posts that are in my head and I think it is because there is so much else going on in there right now. I am struggling with ideas at the moment too and for time just now. Hopefully when life calms down I will be tip top again!

I am in the process of working on the details of my business plan and there may be a partnership in the works. There are plenty of ideas surrounding the business and I can't wait to be able to share on the blog what we are up to! I am doing some Social Media Management work at the moment and loving every minute of it. That may give you a clue on the business I am working on.

There are going to be some big changes for us as a family in the very very near future, we are excited to see these changes come through as we have been wishing for this day to come for  a very long time. Again I can't say to much yet till things are finalised but we couldn't be any happier with the ways things are going at the moment. Although life is hectic at the moment we are making massive changes and for us as a family I think we will be very very happy with the way it's going.,

Friday, January 13

Mrs Lynch and Her First Day Back In The Workplace

When my maternity leave ended last February I was hoping to head back to the workplace and unfortunately my employer couldn't offer a part time role to fit my skills. I was really sad to leave a company I loved so much but working full time just wasn't what I wanted and the cost of child care would have left me with a negative income after tax and NI had been deducted. So when I had an email asking if I could go back for a couple of months doing a couple of days a week to help with some work they had I organised some lovely friends to take care of Ailsa for 2 days a week and back into the workplace I ventured for the first time in 2 years only yesterday

I knew that leaving Ailsa would be hard, it would be the longest she had been left with anyone that wasn't family but I knew that she was going to be in safe hands and well entertained and looked after. I managed the drop off without crying even though I was sad to leave her and headed off to work, well not before a quick trip back home to give James his laptop which had been left in the car....
Getting into work, it honestly felt like I had never been away. Although there were many new faces there were plenty of familiar ones and it was just like old times and I was so happy to see old friends.

The day went quickly by as I was showed the new system and got back into the swing of working, along with lots of "Hello's" and hugs from everyone. Having that adult time and drinking lots of hot drinks and getting to pee on my own was heavenly. It was something I really needed a way to reconnect with the me before I was Mum and although being a mum is my favourite job I really miss the routine of going to work and earning for myself. Don't get me wrong being away from Ailsa wasn't easy but knowing I was heading home to pick her up in just a few hours meant the day went quickly.

Being back in the adult world not talking about baby poo or how much my child's eating or breastfeeding was just the respite I needed. It is only 2 days a week and I know it's only for a short amount of time but I really just needed to get back out there and as a hard as it is to leave my child I wasn't actually that upset about it. Maybe having had such a long time at home with her without much me time has meant that I grab any opportunity with both hands to get out on my own or maybe I am just a bit more career orientated than I though I was. Yes I work from home on my blog here and have also started working on my own business doing social media but they don't really feel like 'work',  I relished being in the workplace, I relished feeling like the old me again, chatting away to friends and I know when it is time to say goodbye all over again I am going to be one sobbing mess but until then I am officially a working mama!


Wednesday, January 11

Getting Stuck Into The New Year Declutter

This year a massive aim for us as a family is to move back home to Scotland, preferably sooner rather than later. So with such a big move in the pipeline from our home in Wiltshire we really don't want to move with loads of stuff we don't want to keep so from last week once we got back from our Christmas holiday we have been getting stuck into decluttering big time!

I have previously read Marie Kondo's book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' so we are using some of the principles from her book but not following it exactly as we have a toddler running havoc. We are still getting rid of stuff that doesn't bring us joy which has made it much easier for us to let go of  a lot of things so far. It can be so hard to let go of items but really you have to make that decision of do you really need it and what is it actually bringing to your life. I still have the top that I was wearing when I met James and I am really struggling to let go of it but it's just sitting in the wardrobe not doing anything so I really need to just let go.

Decluttering is something we have always been meaning to get around to and most of the time it never happens or we do a little bit and then stop, but this year we WILL be doing and doing it properly! We are going to go room by room and really going through everything, every drawer, under all the beds, the loft is going to be emptied. A true full on declutter of every single thing we own. We will either be keeping, selling or donating and only what we really have to will we trash as other people may be able to make use of stuff that we don't need.

If you have any decluttering tips, send them my way!!

Monday, January 9

How I Plan to Get Healthy This Year

In 2016 I managed to loose just over 2 stone, excess weight I had been carrying around for years and only around ½ a stone I could blame on baby weight. So dropping that weight felt great, I had so much more energy and felt amazing about myself. Over Christmas I allowed myself to indulge and though I put on a few pounds I certainly don’t regret it but I definitely want to get back to where I was through the summer and knowing that I have done it and managed to maintain bar a few pounds through the rest of the year I am feeling super motivated.

My aim for 2017 is to lose the few pounds from Christmas and tone up. My tummy has always been my problem area, it’s where I put weight on first and my least toned area so that will be the main focus I will be working. I also want to work on my overall strength as I am lifting and carrying a growing toddler I want to make it easier on myself. I want to be fit and healthy so that I can easily run around after Ailsa and carry her without getting sore.

The plan is to get better with my diet, I am very much an everything in moderation kind of person and if I deprive myself of anything then I crave it so much so the odd cheeky bit of chocolate or glass of wine but I am going to be upping my fruit and veg intake along with lots of nutrient dense foods. I am a member of the Tone It Up nutrition program but have been so bad at following it so this year I would really like to make the effort to follow it 80% of the time as the food is healthy but not completely limiting and also suitable to make for the whole family with extra sides if needed.
For exercise I just got myself a new pair of trainers and I am planning on going on more walks, running around the park with Ailsa, and maybe even going out for jogs on my own once the weather is a bit warmer. At home I will be putting in the time and taking 30-60 mins a day to fit in some toning exercise following YouTube videos from Tone It Up, Blogilates and any others I come across.
I always like to start the New Year with a fitness goal and although most years I never stick to it I am feeling really positive about this year and I really want to take care of myself and my body. I am also going to come up with a list of non-food rewards for hitting goals, so for example if I work out for a minimum of 30 mins a day for 2 weeks I will book in to get my nails done or for a massage, or I might buy a new piece of clothing etc.

Do you have any fitness or health goals for 2017? Any tips? Let me know in the comments below. 

Friday, January 6

How We Spent Christmas 2016

** Photo heavy post- lots of photos at the bottom :) 
This Christmas we spent an absolutely wonderful 2 weeks away in a cottage on a farm in County Durham! It was absolutely wonderful being able to mostly shut out the world and chill out with our lovely family. Having booked our break away back in early February the anticipation had built up all year and our time spent there certainly did not disappoint. The cottage was absolutely gorgeous, modern in its appliances and d├ęcor but still keeping the country theme. It was decorated for us with a Christmas tree and had the most beautiful wood burner which we relaxed in front of most afternoons, playing board games or watching a movie. 

With my Brother-in-law and his wife having two lovely big dogs we did head out into the countryside for a couple of lovely (but very cold) walks, getting in some fresh air and taking in the gorgeous surroundings. The first few days after we arrived there were such strong winds that we stayed inside mostly. so getting out for the first walk was just what we needed to blow away the cobwebs. We were quite lucky that the cottage was surrounded by a lovely fenced off grassy area where the dogs could run around and Ailsa could head out and take her baby for a walk. 

Ailsa absolutely loved all the attention from her aunt and uncle and her grandparents. Every morning when she woke up she would be shouting "woof woof" for the dogs and would say "Hiya!" to them as soon as she saw them. They absolutely adored her too and Ghost (The white one) would like her hands which would send Ailsa into squeals of laughter makinf the dogs even more excited to be around her. Even in just those 2 weeks with everyone her speech came on such a great deal and just how she was around a group of people improved immensely since a lot of the time it can just be the 2 of us. 

I also got to have some child free time whilst we were away which was just the break I needed. James and I along with Sean and Marianne (Brother and sister in law) headed off to the Metro Centre, which was around 45 minutes away from the cottage, for a day of sale shopping. I picked up some bargains from Primark and Benefit and we had a lovely little lunch at a burrito place. Super yum! I also had a lovely spa day at Slayley Hall with Marianne and my mother-in-law on New Years Eve which was just amazing, relaxing by the pool, a lovely lunch and coffee followed by a luxurious treatment of a back massage and facial. Having some time to relax just before the start of a New Year was just amazing and it may well be the start of a new tradition for us! 

Christmas day itself was just amazing. We opened presents and had a champagne breakfast and then the 4 of us cooked an amazing Christmas dinner. It was my first time cooking anything for Christmas dinner and it was so much easier spreading it out between us. We all knew what we were each doing and it meant that not one person was stuck in the kitchen all day cooking. We had such a feast the leftovers lasted a good few days and it was just yummy! For New Year we had a traditional steak pie on New Years Eve and then lots of bubbles for a countdown to the bells! Ailsa managed to stay up for it as she had a late nap that day and it was so nice to share that with her. I love counting down to the New Year but I am normally in bed by 1am which I was this year too! 

We just had the loveliest Christmas and would certainly go away again though I doubt we will this year maybe in a couple of years time. What did you do for Christmas? let me know in the comments below. 


Wednesday, January 4

Happy New Year + A Little Update

Happy New Year to all my Being Mrs Lynch readers! I really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and aren't dreading the rush back to work and school. We had the most wonderful time away over the festive period and I have a more in depth post sharing what we did and and lots of wonderful photos coming up on Friday. We really needed that little break and quality family time and have returned home all refreshed and ready to attack the year ahead.

Being Mrs Lynch will have new posts going up 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I will be sticking to that as much as I can. There will also be a new vlog going up on my YouTube Channel every Sunday at 8pm. There are also some other exciting plans in the works so stay tuned for those in the coming months.

If there is anything you would like to see on Being Mrs Lynch leave me a comment below.

Have an amazing week and see you on Friday

Monday, January 2

2017 New Years Resolutions

·         Start my own business
-          Something I have been working on a little bit already but need to work all the particulars fingers crossed I am properly up and running by the middle of the year.
·         Get back into working out and eating healthily
-          I was so good for a while and in 2016 lost 2 and a half stone and although I have kept the weight off I still need to tone up and be more mindful of what I eat.
·         Work out a cleaning schedule that works and stick to it
-          I really struggle with working out what needs to be done every day so I need to make a plan and stick to it. I will most definitely be looking to Pinterest for help.
·         Plan our weeks so that we achieve a better work life balance.
-          With blogging I spend a lot of time on social media and I need to work out what I need/want to do when and put my phone down at other times and really only try to be on it when Ailsa is sleeping or spending time with her dad.
·         Work on blogging and vlogging – stick to a schedule and plan in advance
-          I really want to plan and write my content as far in advance as I can and also stick to my schedule as much as I can.
·         Be more present in daily life
-          Along with putting my phone down I want to make sure I am really there at all times when I am spending time with my family. I struggle with trying to do a million things at once so I need to be more mindful of what I am doing
·         Learn to use my new camera properly and take a photography course

-          I just recently got an Olympus Pen E-PL7 and I am in love! But I really want to learn how to use it properly and take a photography course at some point this year. 

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